Web design elements very quickly fade away from the viewer’s acceptance. As the viewer does want to see new things every time they visit the website. So one should not just get comfortable with the web design elements, he should always incorporate the new and trending features in its web design to attract the viewers towards his website. Some of the most important things to avoid using on the website are listed below:

Stock Photography: Stock photography was once in great demand, where one was checking the stock photographs, liking some, purchasing and then was keeping the same on the website. This created a bald look on the internet. As those selective features were featured on a lot of websites and the viewers were getting bored of seeing the same pictures again and again. They are always on the hunt for checking some unique and new images. So one can get a properly reasonable photo-shoot done to attract viewers and get a crowd on to the website. It is considered as a good investment http://www.locksmith-in-brooklyn.com/auto-locksmith/

Creative Fonts: Creative fonts should be avoided while typing text on the website. The content mentioned on the website should be easily readable, as it is most preferred. As if people have to pay more effort in reading out things then they move on to the next page or website without even reading the content. So creative fonts should be avoided and kept simple.

Excessive Pop-ups: Pop-ups are good to collect information from the readers, but excessive pop-ups become annoying for the readers as it distracts them from viewing the website and repeatedly disturbs. Some people often switch to other websites because of getting irritated by the excessive pop-ups. Hence, the same should be avoided.

Unusual Navigation: Some people try to make their website look different and so they use different navigation methods. But it is not always fruitful; sometimes the navigation becomes so difficult for the viewers, that it becomes difficult to access.

Infinite Scrolls: Infinite scrolls are only preferred for E-commerce websites and not by any other websites as it loses the interest of the viewer’s viewing it.

Along with the above-mentioned points, some intrusive backgrounds should also be avoided while planning a web design element for a website, hamburger menus is also not a good idea to go for. By avoided these points one can keep the website simple yet attractive.

Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site